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photo sent by Reikazek

Photo sent by Reikazek

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Photo sent by reikazek

Makulit talaga ang isang ito. She just keep whispering to everybody, especially those who are wearing zcard clothing, asking them if they'll want her zcard. Obvious ka Ne! Does she thinks we're stupid? She even called me a b@@&* when I called her a hacker. She gave such a lame excuse when I asked her why she is giving away her zcard. " Cause my mom wants me to get rid of it " Ano daw? Labo. Giving tall orders too! Go to your room! she said. Haller! Kamusta ka naman ate, ganda mo. You think anyone would fall for that. Us Filipinos are smarter than that. Hwag kayong pauto dito please. Never give away your password. As in never!